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Competitive Edge is a physical therapist owned practice that was founded on the desire to provide a better patient experience than the standard of care set by traditional clinics. We believe in taking a personal interest in our clients' health and in each and every one of them as human beings who have sought our help. We believe in the "care" part of healthcare. And lastly, we believe in establishing partnerships and relationships with our clients based on the merits of old-fashioned hard work, respect for our clients' time and through the results we strive to achieve with each and every person who trusts us to do our best to help them get better. To us, there is no greater reward than exceeding expectations; it remains our mission to serve each of our past, present and future clients by building upon the foundation of these core values.

Competitive Edge Performance is a results oriented company and pride ourselves in providing the quality care you expect with the attention to detail you deserve. Earning your trust and assisting you in gaining the skills you need to perform to your maximum potential is our top priority.




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CEP is an exclusive provider of Neufit functional electrical stimulation aimed at identifying and treating the origin of pain and retraining the body to move without impairments.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to reset the body's normal electromagnetic frequency and promote healing


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