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At CEP, we are proud to offer KT Tape Pro which we have found to have superior durability for those athletes rehabbing, recovering and training under the toughest conditions. Our clinical trials have shown KT Tape Pro to last up to 7 days for one application.

Product Information
In the KT Tape product family, KT Tape Pro is the choice for clinicians who want more out of a light elastic tape. This product unites exceptional value and quality: each roll contains an improved clinically-appropriate adhesive. The superiority of the adhesive resides in the "Step Wave Pattern." This pattern allows for 25% more adhesive and increases the tape's usability around the contours of the body, resulting in increased durability and comfort - even in the water.

Key Features

  • 100% high-grade cotton: enhances breathability and wear-ability

  • Heat-activated latex-free adhesive: meets needs of even the most sensitive skin and will not deactivate in water

  • Elasticity: simulates skin's natural give and stretch - "SecondSkin Effect" - and lasts longer than other tape applications (up to 5 days)

  • StepWave adhesive pattern: provides increased durability and comfort

  • Stability: supports without restricting range of motion

  • Therapeutic effect: lifts and convolutes facial plane to allow for lymph drainage and rehabilitates with 24-hour pain relief

How Does It Work?

For clinicians, it is well known that two critical components of recovery are increasing blood flow and range of motion. Unlike other modalities that do just the opposite, KT Tape provides the same support and stability as other modalities, but without restricting blood flow or limiting range of motion. KT Tape is applied over and around muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other soft or fibrous tissue to provide lightweight and comfortable support, to prevent injury, and to speed recovery.

KT Tape applications deliver these benefits by providing proprioception that signals muscles for facilitation or inhibition, mechanically supporting joints such as the knee or the ankle, approximating connective tissues to relieve stress, or activating the one cell layer-thick lymph system to move fluid. Utilizing these techniques allows inflamed or stressed tissues to have a chance to heal.

Additionally, KT Tape provides surface stimulation that increases circulation and widens the neural margin to increase range of motion. The main difference between application methods is the technique used in stretching the tape - how much stretch you apply, and where you put the stretch in the tape or on StepWave Adhesive pattern the skin significantly impacts the desired taping effect. Step-by-step video instructions for almost 50 common injury applications are available at


The development of KT Tape was a highly collaborative effort that included healthcare professionals, a Medical Advisory Board, elite and everyday athletes, and our product design engineers.


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