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When "Results Matter" can mean staying in the game to strike out that last batter, gaining that extra yard, shaving that 100/th of a second off your race time or just being able utilize your physical gifts to finish a season healthy, we have a solution to help you gain that competitive edge.


We have over 20 years of experience treating and keeping some of the world's best athletes in the game with our proven prehab, injury prevention, rehabilitation and sports performance programs. Our goal is to assist you in reaching all of your performance goals because we realize your success equals our success. As a privately owned company, CEP has been fortunate to develop relationships with many professional sports teams, athletes and training staffs and has served as rehabilitation consultants for MLB, NHL and NFL teams.

Post Injury and Post-Surgery Recovery Programs:
At CEP, we take great pride in treating an athlete like an athlete. We realize that our rehabilitation programs must often go far beyond traditional physical therapy protocols. Our goal is to rehabilitate the entire individual, maintaining a high level of controlled intensity. We incorporate program design elements that develop strength, power, speed, agility, endurance, flexibility and recovery strategies concurrently while rehabilitating from an acute injury.

Performance Enhancement Programs:
Competitive Edge utilizes an integrated and comprehensive approach pulling from our medical education as well as athletic and performance training experiences when designing any individual performance enhancement program. As highly trained professionals it is our job to find inadequacy in technique or mechanics and present solid solutions that will in turn produce better performance.

Competitive Edge Sports Performance training programs are available for:

  • Professional and elite athletes

  • Amateur, collegiate, high school and youth athletes

  • All adults living an active lifestyle

At CEP, your athletic performance goals are taken to the next level and your risk for injury is decreased by addressing areas of weakness and instability. We pay careful attention to the small details to make your best better.

Our facility is a place where EVERYONE is trained and treated like an elite athlete.


CEP is an exclusive provider of Neufit functional electrical stimulation aimed at identifying and treating the origin of pain and retraining the body to move without impairments.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to reset the body's normal electromagnetic frequency and promote healing


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