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Typical rehabilitation is NOT what we are all about. Competitive Edge is a unique rehabilitation facility that goes beyond standard treatment by utilizing innovative and proven techniques to enhance individual results. Our goal is to help return patients to their optimal level of function as quickly and safely as possible.

Why Competitive Edge is different than "standard" physical therapy:

As a therapist-owned physical therapy practice, we are fortunate to be able to provide one-on-one treatment with a majority of our patients. We have worked hard to earn a reputation in the community on both a local and national level to become the leader in the application of innovative and successful treatment techniques for many common but complex bone, joint and neuromuscular injuries. Our patients have access to therapist email addresses and are always able to speak with a therapist over the phone during business hours if any questions or concerns arise.

Using proven manual therapy and neuromuscular mobilization techniques to promote recovery, patients often notice an improvement in symptoms after only a few visits. Not only does this optimize results, but it is also more cost effective for our patients. We also perform frequent reassessments to determine patient progress toward rehabilitation goals and to ensure we are utilizing the most beneficial interventions possible.

For our athletes and active adults, we aim to bridge the gap between the end of rehabilitation and return to recreational activities. Throughout the rehabilitation process, we incorporate sport specific therapeutic exercises and activities into the individual treatment plan. Emphasis is placed on progressive functional rehabilitation in order to facilitate return to sports, and patients have the option of continuing with our performance training programs to take their athletic skills to the next level.

Competitive Edge employs several extremely talented clinicians who possess manual skills second to none in the treatment of radicular "nerve" pain coming from the cervical or lumbar spine. We have an excellent success rate in the reversal of these "nerve" symptoms in the arm(s) or leg(s) and have in some cases contributed to helping patients avoid surgery. We also work closely with some of the top physicians in this area who could incorporate minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments into your treatment plan.

We are regularly recognized as the best providers for pre and postoperative shoulder rehabilitation in Florida.


CEP is an exclusive provider of Neufit functional electrical stimulation aimed at identifying and treating the origin of pain and retraining the body to move without impairments.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to reset the body's normal electromagnetic frequency and promote healing


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