Athlete Identity, Mindset and Injury Recovery Tools

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

Are you an athlete who struggles with injuries or are trying to PREVENT injury? Brock and Nici, two of our most expert CEP physical therapists, recently discussed the topics on the Ready, Set, Mindful podcast with host Kerri Bicskei.

Kerri, founder of Ready Set mindful, is a former Division 1 and professional volleyball player turned mental health counselor and mental performance consultant. Ready, Set, Mindful is a weekly conversation with some of the leading experts, coaches and athletes within the realm of wellness. Kerri sits down with wellness professionals and elite athletes and explores topics of mental health, fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, self-development and hacks to optimize performance. Each episode explores the guest’s unique wellness journey, as well as tips and hacks for overall performance optimization.

Our expert Physical Therapists at CEP were honored to join the podcast for this episode to tell more about how our technology, methods and services go beyond those of traditional physical therapy.

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How CEP Physical Therapy Helps Athletes

On this particular episode of the podcast, Brock, Nici and Kerri discuss approaches and pro tips for cultivating athletic identity, mindset and tools for injury recovery.

  • Athlete Identity and how that shifts through injury
  • How using NEUBIE technology can ACCELERATE healing for athletes
  • Benefits of PEMF for athlete recovery
  • The role of mindset in recovery
  • Misconceptions about Physical Therapy and recovery
  • Brock & Nici’s mindfulness routines


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Next-Generation Physical Therapy Technology

Have you tried traditional physical therapy but struggled to see results? We at CEP pride ourselves on utilizing next-generation physical therapy technology and treatments to address your symptoms holistically and with optimal health in mind.

✓ Our one-on-one appointments with our expert team of physical therapists will ensure that you see our full attention on your needs and limitations.
✓ Our pulsed direct current technology, called the NEUBIE, provides next-level healing in record times.
✓ Stressed or tired? We will use HRV testing to address heart-rate variability and overtraining issues.
✓ Wellness issues? Parasympathetic nervous system resets using PEMF technology.

Discover how the NEUBIE helped rehab a rookie NHL hockey player in time for training camp in this blog.

Reach limits you never thought you’d reach. Get back to doing the things you love quicker than you ever thought you could…and all in a safer, smarter way.

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