Can a Herniated Disc Heal on Its Own With Physical Therapy?

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Herniated discs, otherwise known as slipped discs, can happen during or after intense exercise, physical labor, or even just from moving your spine awkwardly. Once a disc “slips” and loses its structural integrity, you may struggle with distracting pain or constant discomfort, not to mention more limited movement.

As leading providers of physical therapy in Tampa, FL, Competitive Edge Physical Therapy’s revolutionary technology and hands-on programs help patients with herniated disc symptom management and injury recovery. Here’s what the team shares about your slipped disc recovery and some innovative treatment options they offer to help you heal faster.

What Is a Herniated Disc?

Your spine consists of vertebrae, the bones that provide spinal structure, and discs, the rubbery soft tissues in between each vertebra. Your discs absorb shock and provide cushioning for your spinal movements. Otherwise, the vertebrae would rub or grind against each other, which would gradually wear away the bone surface.

Typically, a slipped or herniated disc happens when a sudden, violent movement pushes it out of place. In this situation, the disc can no longer provide adequate cushioning to the vertebrae above and beneath it. You might feel pain in one side of your body that spreads throughout your buttocks and legs.

Can a Herniated Disc Heal Without Surgical Intervention?

You can potentially heal a herniated disc without surgical intervention. Symptoms of slipped discs can dissipate within a couple of months if properly treated. Gradually, your pain may recede while your range of motion returns to normal.

During this healing process, the human body does damage control in numerous ways, such as:

Immune System Response

Your body can detect injured tissues and respond accordingly. In the case of a herniated disc, it may handle misplaced or injured soft tissues like foreign bodies. The immune system response gradually eliminates misplaced tissue until it reduces the overall size (less inflammation means less pain, too).

Less Water Absorption

Soft tissues need plenty of moisture to retain their size and resiliency. When the integrity of the disc structure is compromised, it slowly loses moisture, decreasing its size. When it shrinks, it doesn’t sensitize surrounding nerves as much.

Mitigated Disc Mechanics

While your body’s natural responses to limit movement might ease the discomfort over time, the disc and surrounding structures need gradual, graded input to make a complete recovery. While the initial debilitating symptoms recede over time, the professional guidance from physical therapy experts at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy will restore your movement and teach strategies to avoid recurrence.

Physical Therapy Treatments for Slipped Discs To Get Back Your Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy in Tampa, FL specializes in combining non-surgical care therapy with cutting-edge technologies. The aim is to help you regain mobility, comfort, and activity. Whether you struggle with work-related or exercise injuries, you might find relief through the following treatments:

NEUBIE E-Stim Therapy

The NEUBIE is an FDA-cleared electrical stimulation device that uses a unique Pulsed Direct Current waveform to affect your neurological control of movement and encourage healing following a hard or soft tissue injury.

The NEUBIE can map out the area of neuromuscular dysfunction to alleviate the pain signals. In the case of a herniated disc, it can relieve pain signals that are being sent to the brain from spinal nerve compression. It can also restore flexibility caused by muscle spasms and improve circulation to the area of the affected disc/nerves. Clinicians can also use the NEUBIE to apply a frequency specific microcurrent to the area that can decrease acute inflammation of the disc.

Winback Tecar Therapy

This innovative therapeutic protocol uses high sound frequencies to penetrate soft tissues. The idea is to trigger internal healing responses, prompting faster recovery following a herniated disk. Winback therapy can also:

  • Ease stiffness

  • Eliminate scar tissues

  • Encourage your body to repair its cells

  • Keep other mobility concerns at bay

Symptoms caused by a slipped disc might benefit from Winback tecartherapy due to increased mobility and fewer complications hiding in plain sight.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF works similarly to Winback therapy but targets energy waves onto damaged or injured tissues. Competitive Edge Physical Therapy’s team has seen PEMF therapy accelerate a tissue cell recharge, curbing your body’s fight or flight mode responses. Your internal tissues relax, making way for restoration. Then, as your cells recharge, they handle their workload better for healing.

Experience How Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Integrates Technology Into Your Treatment Plan

Can a slipped disc heal on its own? In the hands of capable, caring clinicians at CEP, we can assure a full recovery that gets you back to your potential faster and safer.

Ready to schedule an injury screening with Competitive Edge Physical Therapy? The team specializes in the art of healing and the science of various physical therapy technologies. Call 813-849-0150 to book an appointment today in Tampa, Florida!

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