CEP Leading the Way in Enhancing Outcomes of Regenerative Medicine

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

Over the past 10+ years, evolution of medical care for orthopedic/musculoskeletal injuries has transcended into utilization of minimally-invasive, regenerative procedures that facilitate healing of soft tissue structures and improves integrity of joint structures to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

This includes the broad procedures of platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell injections derived from bone marrow. The philosophy of providing less-invasive care for musculoskeletal injuries as an alternative to surgery aligns with our goals in the physical therapy specialty to provide nonsurgical approaches to pain and conditions that limit mobility.

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy (CEP) has served the Tampa community for nearly 15 years by keeping patients active while building and maintaining relationships with trusted physician and non-physician providers to bridge the gaps between specialties. Now, we are proud to extend our services to the New Tampa/USF community with our new office located within Regenexx, a non-surgical orthopedic practice that specializes in the latest regenerative medicine technology.

Having worked closely with similar providers like Dr. Kevin Elder at Baycare in the South Tampa community for several years, we look forward to enhancing the outcomes for patients undergoing regenerative medicine procedures in our newest office, located at 8600 Hidden River Parkway Suite 700, Tampa, FL 33637. In coupling our unique approach to rehabilitation with established protocols post-procedure, we are expanding our capacity to promote a healthier, happier community.

In development of these partnerships, the critical component is a like-minded treatment approach among all disciplines. For CEP, this includes identifying community providers that share the vision of utilizing the most up-to-date and effective treatments while promoting the goals of optimal health. As we welcome patients to our new office in New Tampa, CEP will continue to offer the latest in recovery science and “bio-tech” to expand the scope of physical therapy practice beyond injury rehabilitation into the realm of achieving optimal health and wellness for all clients.

CEP’s arsenal of technology is anchored by the use of NEUBIE pulsed direct current treatment, which has been unparalleled in addressing long-standing dysfunctions and decreasing chronic pain among our patient population. By impacting the body at the neurological level, we can change the inputs the body is receiving regarding pain and muscle function, thereby “correcting” the dysfunctional patterns that lead to chronic injury. And, when the patient is ready, the NEUBIE adds unparalleled benefits by facilitating strength without placing undue stress across the ligaments, tendons or joints—thereby reducing recovery time significantly. We are excited for the opportunity to take regenerative medicine post-procedure protocols into the next generation with use of the NEUBIE to accelerate positive outcomes.

CEP has defined itself as the premier physical therapy organization focusing on using state of the art biotechnology to rehabilitate injuries and achieve optimal health across the lifespan. Drawing on relationships established throughout years in physical therapy practice, CEP remains committed to redefining conventional healthcare by maximizing continuity of care among specialties to ensure patients meet their health and wellness goals.

In addition to advancing outcomes for regenerative medicine procedures, we will continue to offer full service physical therapy for all patients at our new clinic that is convenient to New Tampa/USF/Wesley Chapel area. We look forward to welcoming patients to our clinic in May 2021, and for the opportunity to support East Tampa and surrounding communities to promote optimal health and recovery from injury with our unique approach to physical therapy. Please contact us at (813) 849-0150 to schedule an appointment at our new facility!

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