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Return to Fall Sports After Injury

Upon return to regular school schedules this fall, student athletes also embarked on their fall sports seasons. As many teams faced modified practices and limited game simulation experiences during the spring and summer due to COVID, athletes have fast-tracked their transition from preparation to real- time competition. With this ramp up, it is more important than ever to focus on injury prevention and muscle recovery as the athlete continues into the competitive season.

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy (CEP) is equipped with groundbreaking technology and specialized muscle recovery techniques to supplement the efforts of school coaching and athletic training staff to keep student athletes healthy and ready to compete throughout the season.

To support student athletes in the Tampa community, CEP has designed an in-season Athletic Recovery Program focused on high school football athletes. Services under this program may include:
– Pre-game preparation with mobility and muscle activation
– Injury prevention by addressing flexibility/strength deficits
– Muscle recovery following game day
– Assessment of acute injuries that occurred during competition
– Supplementing school based athletic training with injury treatment
– Promoting restorative sleep for ongoing wellness

This program is tailored to the unique schedules of student athletes in effort to minimize disruption to school and team activities. CEP offers flexible treatment options to accommodate athletes after school, after practice, and pre/post game. CEP’s program expands on standard rehabilitation strategies to bring recovery to the next level, quickly recharging athletes for the next competition.

Meet CEP’s Athletic Recovery Team
The Athletic Recovery team at CEP’s South Tampa office is led by Brock Labelle, and Zach Mason, DPT’s. By combining their experience working with athletes and passion for utilizing emerging technology to maximize human movement, they are focused on keeping athletes healthy and ready to perform at their peak.

Hap Hudson, ATC/L, brings a wealth of athletic training experience to the team. Throughout his career, he has developed a reputation among amateur and elite athletes alike for his commitment to keeping athletes healthy and performing at top levels. Hap has more than 35 years of experience managing the prevention and care of athletic injuries as well as rehabilitation of elite athletes in various sports leagues including the NFL, MLB, NHL, and PGA. He uses these experiences as framework to provide a comprehensive recovery plan involving players/parents, coaches, and team medical staff to ensure athletes stay competition ready.

Brock Labelle, DPT, is passionate about working with young athletes to address injuries and movement dysfunction early on in their playing careers in order to set them up for success into the future. In his role as a Doctor of Physical Therapy at CEP, Brock draws on his own experiences as a collegiate athlete to provide an athlete’s perspective when evaluating athletic injuries and developing treatment/recovery program plans. He integrates CEP’s “toolbox of technologies” to shape the future of athlete recovery and rehabilitation.

Zach Mason, DPT, uses his experience as a life-long athlete and D1 baseball pitcher to create specialized programs to improve the well being of the community through patient oriented services and the use of evolving technology. Zach strives to assist individuals to reach their goals and return to their daily routine in a timely manner.

CEP has defined itself as the premier physical therapy organization in the Tampa community through use of state of the art biotechnology to maximize human performance. With the mindset that all athletes should have access to state of the art rehabilitation and recovery tools used at the top levels of professional sports, CEP’s Athletic Recovery Program makes this vision a reality.

Schedule your Athletic Recovery PT now

To schedule a session or to discuss how CEP can help keep your athlete healthy throughout the competitive season, contact the Athletic Recovery team at (813) 849-0150 or SCHEDULE NOW.

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