Long COVID: The Next Public Health Crisis

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

[PLEASE NOTE: This blog was contributed by Jodi Hinkle, Founder of HerQuest.]

Predicted to impact 10% to 30% of those previously diagnosed with COVID-19, Long COVID symptoms may spell the beginning of the next public health crisis.

The symptoms of Long COVID keep a patient’s body in a state of crisis. Patient’s report they feel like they are fighting for their life and wellbeing. This causes those with Long COVID to stay in a state of “high alert” where they become hyper vigilant, constantly on the watch for danger, risks and threats that seem to be everywhere.

The result is physically and mentally exhausting and continually depletes the body’s energy source, leaving no energy for healing, repair and recovery from Long COVID.

How Physical Therapy Technology Combat Long COVID Symptoms

Solution-based, innovative Long COVID treatment programs have been developed that integrate ongoing evaluation of the autonomic nervous system to inform and guide the patient’s treatment team.

As the #1 communication channel responsible for positioning the body to survive a crisis or recover from one, each person’s autonomic nervous system has critical information to optimize physical therapy treatment plans. Competitive Edge Performance, a group of physical therapy practices located in Tampa, utilizes Heart Rate Variability tests to communicate with the autonomic nervous system to accelerate physical recovery and ease the emotional and mental anguish that accompanies this devastating complication of COVID-19.

Also known as Long Haulers, or more officially, post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection, patients face medical uncertainty and risk losing their independence. With the help of specialty trained physical therapists at Competitive Edge, this innovative diagnostic process empowers physical therapists to personalize every patient’s treatment plan despite the unexpected complication from the novel virus.

Proprietary Protocols Provide Custom Treatments for Long COVID

Many are aware the symptoms associated with Long Haulers linger longer than expected. They also abruptly reappear, diminish and unexpectedly surge forward again, potentially disrupting the patient’s ability to consistently move forward in their physical recovery and regain their overall sense of wellbeing.

Fortunately, the proprietary protocols developed by CEP’s Jason Waz reflect an individualized, flexible treatment plan that enhances the body’s natural ability to shift into a “recovery” state allowing the patient to receive the optimal impact of each treatment session.

Initial and ongoing diagnostic and treatment data is shared with Long COVID patients as a mechanism to educate them about what is happening on the inside of their body. As patients are uplifted by finally understanding what is happening to their body, their autonomic nervous system is able to relax, turn off the “fight/flight”, hyper-alert state and receive the precise physical therapy treatment that is perfect for them.

As patients see with their own eyes the improvement being made on the inside, hope and optimism further fuels a recovery path of progressive steps that lead to optimal health and wellbeing.

Bringing This Life-Changing Technology to You

The CEP team continues to serve the community in our mission to put the “care” back in “healthcare” and use innovative tech to develop more effective programs that think outside the box of traditional care.

At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy, we look forward to treating those affected by Long COVID by introducing optimal health technology and delivering a ground-breaking approach that will effectively uplift and treat patients suffering from this disruptive infection.

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