Meet Our Staff



Jason Waz, PT, President

Jason, who is a native of Buffalo, NY, moved to Florida as a teen. Growing up he excelled at hockey, baseball and football, as he always had a passion for sports.

In 1994, he earned his undergraduate degree in biological sciences and pre-med, graduating magna cum laude from Florida State University. Jason attained his professional degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Florida, where he graduated with High Honors in 1996.

In 2005, he was named CEO of Ewing and Thomas Physical Therapy and co-founded Competitive Edge Performance a short time later.

Jason has had the privilege of working with many gifted athletes at various levels, while perfecting his PT practice. He has rehabilitated athletes in all major sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, PGA and WTA. Helping an athlete recover back to the top of their game following an injury is his top priority.

Throughout his professional career spanning more than two decades, Jason has been intrigued in bringing science and emerging technology to the forefront of the physical therapy profession.  Born in the human performance lab at CEP, Jason founded NeuPT Technologies in 2017.  Jason’s vision is to advance the field of physical therapy into the next generation through science, research and innovation.



Stephanie Brooke – DPT, ATC

Stephanie is a graduate of University of South Florida, where she earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. In 2007, she graduated with honors from the University of Florida, where she completed her undergraduate studies in Athletic Training with a minor in Health Education and Behavior.

While attending UF, Stephanie had the opportunity to rehabilitate athletic injuries while working with the men’s and women’s swimming & diving teams, as well as the women’s volleyball team during regular season practice and competition as well as the off-season.

Stephanie has worked with athletes in various sports, such as gymnastics, soccer, softball, baseball, and track from the high school level to the elite. Her background as an athletic trainer gives her a unique perspective of the training regimens of many sports, allowing her to develop effective sport-specific PT treatment plans that are tailored to each individual.

Stephanie joined the CEP team in 2010, and is one of the only providers in the Tampa Bay area that is trained in the application of Graston Technique. This unique and innovative form of soft tissue treatment is aimed at reducing scar tissue and muscle adhesions.

She successfully treats long-standing, chronic injuries that have limited response to traditional treatment: hamstring strains, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, lateral/medial epicondylitis, and IT band dysfunction. With Graston and innovative treatments, Stephanie has reduced soft tissue restrictions and aided in muscle recovery for many pro athletes, marathon runners, and tri-athletes to enable them to continue training at high levels.

Her clinical interests include developing programs for injury prevention, correcting movement dysfunction in endurance athletes, and incorporating current evidence-based rehabilitation techniques into patient treatment.

In her off time, Stephanie enjoys reading, traveling, playing tennis and watching sports.



Hap Hudson, ATC

Hap partnered with Jason in 2007 as co-founder of Competitive Edge Performance. He is a Dean’s Honor List graduate from Mississippi College, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science.

Hap has more than 35 years of experience managing the prevention and care of athletic injuries, and rehabilitation of elite athletes in various sports leagues including the NFL, MLB, NHL, and PGA.

His experience working with amateur and elite athletes is unsurpassed. He has served as a professional athletic trainer for MLB’s St Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees, and has worked internationally with teams in Japan, Canada and South America.

Prior to his return to CEP, Hap served as Director of Health and Performance at Madison Healthplex Performance Center, where he has partnered with Mackie Shilstone for improved performance, nutritional guidance, and training/rehabilitation of elite athletes.




Daily Peguero, PTA

Daily earned a Bachelor of Science degree from University of South Florida, and her Physical Therapy Assistant degree from South University.

She is passionate about helping people and advancing in the field of physical therapy, as she is quickly becoming a specialist in emerging NEUFIT technology.

Daily is fluent in Spanish and an avid runner.