NEUBIE (Neurological Bio-Electric Stimulation)


Optimize Gains without Stress

Driven by the belief in the power of the human being, NeuFit exists to help individuals activate the potential that is present inside of them. Our physiologically-based system is designed to help you achieve greater levels of neurological activation and control in order to heal faster, get fitter, and perform better.

What if you could go back in time when you were pain free and harness 100% of your potential? As the first NeuFit provider in the Southeast United States, CEP proudly rehabilitates our clients as they recover from injury or chronic pain when traditional methods have failed. The NEUBIE device has been successful helping athletes recover from injury at a faster pace and can enhance sports performance gains for healthy individuals, without ever touching a weight.

CEP is an exclusive provider of NeuFit functional electrical stimulation which is used to identify and treat the origin of pain, and retrain the body to move without impairments.

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Master Reset

The sympathetic nervous system serves as the body’s “fight or flight” system in response to perceived threats. At times, the body can become stuck in this system, limiting restorative functions. In effort to decrease the dominance of the sympathetic nervous system and promote recovery, the NEUBIE is used to perform a “Master Reset”. This procedure increases the body’s capacity to adjust between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system recruitment and normalizes the inputs the nervous system is receiving. 



Injury Rehabilitation

Using the NEUBIE, we find exactly where dysfunctional neurological patterns exist. When we apply Neufit technology, results include improved function and an acceleration of the body’s natural healing. This allows the symptoms to dissipate more quickly than with traditional therapy.



Pain Reduction

An advanced understanding of pain is necessary to help overcome it. Because pain is a neurological output, it can be affected by neurological inputs. Pain is really in response to a perceived threat, and that threat can actually come in many forms. Several forms of threat can be addressed with a healthy lifestyle. Others, coming from inside the body, require a very targeted approach. For example, if the brain cannot tell precisely where all parts of the body are in space, then it doesn’t know what to do next and feels threatened. This is a deficit in “proprioception,” and is one of the major targets of our work.




Muscle Building

There are several approaches to building muscle, and they all come down to one basic premise: you have to deplete a muscle of its energy and cause break down of its structural proteins so it can grow bigger as it replenishes its energy and rebuilds its structure.

There are always two parts:

  1. Stimulation and depletion.
  2. Recovery and growth.

In the first phase, depletion, people have traditionally spent hours upon hours in the gym to achieve growth. With Neufit technology, we can intensify your workouts so much that you can get 2-3 hours worth of work accomplished in as little as 20 minutes.

During the second phase, it is necessary to get enough raw materials in to replenish the energy (carbohydrates and fat); and structural building blocks (protein) that are necessary to grow.


Performance Enhancement

You already possess tremendous speed, power, endurance, flexibility, and whatever else it is that you’re looking for in your training. The problem is that your brain is limiting you from expressing it. If you are capable of jumping 36 inches, but your brain only thinks you can safely land from 24 inches, guess how high you will jump… 24 inches. The brain’s NUMBER ONE priority is survival. Above all else, your brain wants to be sure you live to see tomorrow. That often means putting on the brakes, and limiting your performance to ensure that you don’t get injured and threaten survival.

Many generations ago, an injury meant that you’d be unable to run away from a predator and would, literally, have your survival threatened. Performance is, of course, an output. Most training systems try to change output – “push harder,” “shift your weight to that side,” “reach your arm higher in your throwing motion”. However, we know that output is dependent on inputs. If we can change the inputs, the outputs will naturally improve.

What does this actually mean? It means that strategic joint mobility drills, neurological stimulation with the NEUBIE, lots of eccentric movement with an emphasis on position, and amplifying your ability to psychologically engage can all cause outputs to improve. The net result is increased performance, and it often happens quicker than you’d think.


Stamina Improvement

Triathletes and other long-distance participants are often obsessed with VO2 max. And it makes sense. VO2 max is a measure of how much energy the body can generate. Of course, that energy is used as fuel to propel the body through all that mileage.

There is another area that is often overlooked, however, and that is fuel efficiency. Ultimately, most seasoned endurance athletes cannot bring up their VO2 max levels much higher. They are already generating about as much energy as possible. Therefore, the biggest factor becomes how efficiently they are using all of that energy they’re generating. Most athletes waste a large part of their energy fighting their own internal resistance. It’s like driving while pressing both the accelerator and the brake concurrently. This means the biggest gains in performance often come from mastering neurological coordination, so that more of the body’s energy goes to forward propulsion and less to fighting against the body’s own brakes.

How do we do this? We start by first finding where those inefficiencies are. With the NEUBIE, we can identify very quickly and precisely where any deficits in coordination exist, and then we can reprogram them so that the body promptly starts to work more efficiently. After this reboot, we can continue to train the body to work more efficiently at increasingly higher levels of challenge.

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