Patient Spotlight: Complete Resolution of Sciatic Pain with NEUBIE Treatment

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Patient History:

Patient is a 71 year old active woman who enjoys walking for fitness. She presented to the clinic with onset of acute, sharp/burning pain in her right posterior hip and leg that limited her ability to sit, stand, walk or complete normal exercise activity of walking. Sleep was also affected due to pain. Prior to onset of symptoms, patient reports she quickly increased her walking mileage during COVID 19 quarantine, during which time she began to experience plantar fasciitis symptoms in both heels. She continued to walk her daily routine, with progressive increase in posterior hip pain and “deep aching” in her leg. She had been treated in chiropractic care with minimal improvement and had been taking Tylenol/Diclofenac for symptom management prior to seeking care at CEP.


Physical Therapy Treatment with NEUBIE

CEP serves as the flagship physical therapy facility incorporating the NEUBIE device into standard treatment practice. The NEUBIE is a groundbreaking electrical stimulation device that has been utilized by CEP to decrease chronic pain, optimize muscle strength/function, and accelerate injury recovery for our clients. This technology identifies faults in the pain-signaling pathways, resets them, and then promotes normal movement patterns. Contrary to TENS units “masking” the pain, this device corrects the underlying root of dysfunction by reprogramming the communication between the brain and muscle tissue.

 In this case study, the NEUBIE device was utilized at the patient’s initial treatment session and for subsequent visits. “Mapping”, a process where the NEUBIE is utilized to precisely identify the areas contributing to the severe nerve pain the patient was experiencing, was performed and movements that would typically have reproduced pain were completed while under NEUBIE stimulation. This sequence changes the “inputs” the body is receiving from the nervous system and allows the body to accept movements without signaling muscle spasm or pain inhibition.

Typically, CEP patients see a significant improvement in symptoms within the first 4-5 treatment sessions when utilizing the NEUBIE to accelerate recovery. For this case study, patient response to each treatment session is as follows:

After initial NEUBIE treatment, patient returned for her follow up visit and reported significant reduction in pain following initial treatment, and was able to tolerate sitting to eat dinner for the first time in weeks. She felt ready to try walking the block at home to assess for tolerance.

After second NEUBIE treatment, patient reported she was able to walk for three blocks before being limited by left heel pain instead of radiating symptoms into right leg. Patient demonstrated increased ease of movement during transfers and with standing activities.

After third NEUBIE treatment, patient reported increased mobility and continued decline in overall pain. Radiating pain had begun to “centralize”, with decreased symptoms into the leg. She was able to tolerate a higher intensity on NEUBIE electrical stimulation as her nervous system turned down the “governors” limiting movement.

After fourth NEUBIE treatment, patient was able to walk 1 mile, progressing to 1.5 miles the next day, and 2.5 miles the day after, with no reproduction of pain. Patient stated she felt it was “a miracle” that she was able to tolerate that volume of walking when just two weeks prior she was unable to move without assistance due to pain.

The patient experienced full resolution of radiating pain in lower leg in subsequent treatment sessions. She even made it to the exclusive “100 Club” for those reaching an intensity of 100 on the NEUBIE! We then shifted treatment focus to her chronic heel pain that was then the largest limiting factor in her walking tolerance in absence of right leg pain. The patient is now able to walk for 3+ miles daily without limitations, and is able to complete sitting and standing activities without pain.

How Can CEP Help You?

As seen in this case study, CEP’s use of the NEUBIE device has a significant impact from the beginning of treatment to quickly decrease pain and accelerate recovery. Whether it is acute pain as this patient was experiencing or chronic pain, these symptoms limit your capacity for doing the things that you love. CEP is committed to helping each of our clients to remain happy, healthy and active.

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