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Whether you’re recovering from an injury or on a journey towards optimal health, Competitive Edge Physical Therapy is at the forefront of innovative patient care and will help you experience all the benefits that come with quality physical therapy treatments and technology. If you’re looking for the best physical therapy in South Tampa, FL, Competitive Edge Physical Therapy (CEP) is the place for you. 

We’re the first choice for physical therapy in South Tampa, FL because we use innovative, science-backed techniques that speed up your rehabilitation. Our physical therapy practice is the designated research clinic for NeuPTtech, a technology company that has pioneered the use of devices like NEUBIE, HRV, Winback, PEMF and more in the physical therapy space. This means we always use the latest and most effective innovations to streamline your recovery and get you back to your potential. 

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Optimal Health Services in South Tampa, FL

At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy, we provide a wide range of services, all administered by a skilled physical therapist. We believe in empowering you to achieve your optimal level of health through comprehensive, holistic therapies that relieve the source of your pain — not just the symptoms. 

We’re well-known throughout the greater Tampa area and the physical therapy industry as a whole for using some of the most effective, cutting-edge technologies to facilitate rehabilitation. We believe in providing the best of the best treatments for our patients and cut no corners to cultivate optimal health. 

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy in South Tampa, Where Technology Enhances Rehabilitation

CEP transforms lives by combining expert clinical care with industry-leading treatment technology, aiming to positively impact our community in Palma Ceia and South Tampa, FL. Wondering how physical therapy can benefit you? Read our blog for more information about our services.

NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation Therapy

We’re proud to lead the physical therapy industry toward the future of care by serving as the nation’s only research clinic for NeuPTtech and a clinical partner for Neufit, the developer of the innovative NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation therapy device. Since 2018, CEP has used NEUBIE-guided treatment to drive impactful results treating a variety of neuromuscular injuries and neurodegenerative conditions. 

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Technology

Heart rate variability technology is a non-invasive procedure that takes around five minutes and helps us establish a baseline measurement for adaptability of your body’s nervous system. It measures the electrical activity of the heart and allows us to develop a personalized treatment plan that will improve your overall health and response to treatment interventions.

Winback TECAR Therapy

Winback’s groundbreaking technology is a form of TECAR therapy that utilizes high-frequency currents to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, which promotes faster injury recovery and reduces acute and chronic pain.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Technology

Our pulsed electromagnetic field technology is a non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic energy fields to stimulate healing in the body. PEMF pulses “recharges” your cellular batteries and enhance cellular repair processes, thereby reducing recovery time. PEMF is also utilized in stimulating vagus nerve activity to stabilize the autonomic nervous system. 

Titleist Performance Institute Evaluation

Golf is a popular Florida pastime and as a Titleist Performance Institute Certified facility, CEP can help you optimize your performance with an expert-guided assessment and application of our treatment technology to maximize your swing. With TPI assessment+treatment technology, you have the competitive advantage by addressing the physical limitations preventing you from golfing at peak performance. 

Specialized Golf Assessments at Competitive Edge in South Tampa

We offer specialized Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) evaluations designed to elevate your golf game.

During a TPI assessment in South Tampa, our therapists conduct a comprehensive evaluation that includes an analysis of your swing biomechanics, strength, flexibility, and overall physical fitness. This detailed assessment helps us pinpoint specific mobility and strength barriers that may be affecting your ability to perform at your best.

Once these areas are identified, we tailor a personalized treatment and training program that targets your unique needs. Our goal is to enhance your mobility, increase strength, and improve your body’s mechanics — all essential components for a powerful and efficient golf swing.

Gain a Competitive Edge with the Best South Tampa Physical Therapy

When you need the most reliable and effective physical therapy in South Tampa, FL, you need Competitive Edge Physical Therapy. Our skilled physical therapists will make you feel valued and help you reclaim a higher quality of life.

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