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If you are new to physical therapy, you probably have imagined it is more like a movement exercise. Physical therapy can be defined as a medical treatment method that helps people in different stages of their lives to get back to their regular routines. At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL, we offer our services to all age groups. Suppose you are a teenager trying to recover from a sports injury or an adult trying to recover from major surgery. In that case, our physical therapists at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL will make sure you will get back to normal condition within a short period.

Our main goal at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL is to help relieve pain, restore a patient’s physical function, regain fitness level within a shorter period, and maintain good physical health. A doctor can recommend physical therapy to treat a patient with an acute injury such as fractures, sprains, dislocations, muscle strains, or overuse injuries such as Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, or trying to improve joint and muscle function for daily activities. Chronic back pain, tendon and ligament problems, hip treatment, and arthritis are the most common areas we treat, especially for adults from Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL.

To provide a better and faster service with quick access, Competitive Edge Performance [CEP] physical therapy is now operating with two facilities located in Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa and the heart of South Tampa in the Palma Ceia neighborhood.




Personalized Physical Therapy Tampa FL

Physical therapists in Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL, are well trained and experienced. They will help reduce the pain and swelling in specific parts of your body. Our friendly staff is always maintaining a close relationship with clients to help achieve their medical tasks and provide better care. We gained trust from many clients by providing quality services to be recognized as the number one medical service provider for Physical Therapy Tampa FL.

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL individually designs physical therapy programs for each patient according to their specific needs. During your first appointment, your therapist will evaluate an evaluation and a discussion about the nature of your injury/condition and the options you have for physical treatment. In some cases, your therapist at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL may want you to perform some simple exercises to determine the best way to proceed with your physical therapy and treatments. Patients can receive a clinical diagnosis, prognosis, plan of care, and short- and long-term goals from the latest machinery we use every day.

Our unique treatment strategies at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL allow our staff to end the traditional rehabilitation process and create a safe environment for patients. They can regain high-level skills and confidence in moving quickly through our tailor-made treatment process. Patients can receive self-management recommendations throughout the whole process, which will support quick healing.



Why is Competitive Edge Performance best in Physical Therapy Tampa FL?


one-on-one consultations

At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL, our primary goal is to detect the root cause of the pain and then provide a quicker and easier solution that brings more excellent results to our patients. We have allocated our physical therapists to have one-on-one consultations with each patient to make this process more feasible. After the initial evaluation, we will be explaining the whole process of healing, speeding up recovery, maximizing strength, and performing to have a close relationship with the client. There is no greater reward for our staff at CEP than exceeding the expectations of our patients.

A well-experienced team

We have a well-experienced team at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL. Some of our team members have had the privilege of working with many gifted industry-leading professionals at various levels. At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL, all staff will go the extra mile to bring a faster recovery process to our patients. For example, physical therapists and performance specialists, and nutritious therapists all work together to ensure that recovery and training work simultaneously to strengthen our patients’ entire body structure.

Tailor-made treatments

At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL, we always make sure to provide a service that offers a personal and tailor-made treatment process. We never choose our treatment methods to provide a temporary remedy to prevent pain. We have arranged one-on-one therapy sessions with each client to ensure they practice good health habits and prevent future injuries.

Advanced technology with latest equipment’s

One of the main objectives at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Tampa FL, is to bring physical therapy into the next generation through science, technology, and innovation. Therefore, we use Neubie (Neurological Bio-Electric Stimulation) and DARI, the most advanced technology globally, to help athletic patients at all levels transform their motion, recover from injury, and perform at a higher level. For instance, the NEUBIE device has successfully helped many patients recover from injuries faster and


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