Tampa Physical Therapists Explain How to Improve Heart Rate Variability Score 

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Competitive Edge Physical Therapy in Tampa, FL stands out in our community because we prioritize cutting-edge approaches to our patients’ health and wellness. Our physical therapists are always pioneering new technologies, protocols and programs to help our patients recover faster, stronger and safer. 

Like the saying goes, “What gets measured gets done.” And to accurately measure a patient’s optimal health, we must understand their autonomic nervous system (ANS) and how it is governing the patient’s wellness. In a clinical setting, the best metric to closely monitor and aim to improve is your Heart Rate Variability (HRV). 

Today, we are proud to be the leaders of HRV assessments in the Tampa, Florida area. Across our entire patient population, it is clear how crucial HRV is as a measure of the autonomic nervous system’s health and overall recovery. It is a key real-time indicator of what programs and protocols our physical therapists should consider after assessing patients.


What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)?

HRV measures the variation in time between each heartbeat, governed by the autonomic nervous system. A higher HRV score typically indicates better cardiovascular fitness and the ability to adapt to stress and recover effectively. Put another way, higher HRV scores mean the body is in “rest and recover” mode, while low HRV scores can mean the body is in “fight or flight” mode.

But what exactly does a good HRV score look like, and how can we improve it?

Check out how we use HRV testing at Competitive Edge

What Constitutes a Good HRV Score?

A good HRV score is relative and can vary based on age, fitness level and individual health conditions. Generally, a higher HRV score signifies a well-functioning autonomic nervous system, reflecting resilience and adaptability. For instance, athletes often have higher HRV scores due to their superior cardiovascular fitness and efficient stress management.

Beyond physical fitness, a good HRV score correlates with better sleep quality

When your nervous system can efficiently switch between states of alertness and rest, it facilitates quick sleep onset and deep, restorative sleep. This restorative process is essential for overall health and daily performance.

Additionally, a higher HRV score is linked to lower stress levels.

It indicates a strong vagal tone, part of the parasympathetic nervous system that helps your body relax after stress. This rapid response not only enhances mental well-being but also mitigates the long-term physiological impacts of chronic stress, such as hypertension and heart disease.


The NEUBIE “Master Reset” Protocol and Its Impact on HRV

One of the advanced treatments we offer at Competitive Edge is the NEUBIE “Master Reset” protocol. The NEUBIE device uses advanced electrical stimulation technology to reset the nervous system by targeting specific neuromuscular points. This neuromuscular stimulation  therapy enhances neural signaling and muscle function, which in turn supports improvements in HRV.

In a real life example, we test one of our physical therapist’s HRV score before and after a 4-week NEUBIE “Master Reset” and stress reduction treatment. Using heart rate variability technology, we were able to track his progress and identify positive changes in his nervous system function. Check out more of his Heart Rate Variability case study here.

See Brock’s HRV test results after a 4-Week Treatment Program


Improve HRV with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

In addition to the NEUBIE technology, we utilize Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. PEMF therapy works by emitting electromagnetic waves to stimulate cell repair and improve circulation. This non-invasive treatment helps recharge cellular energy and stabilize the autonomic nervous system, thereby positively affecting HRV scores.

Demo of PEMF Therapy


Healing Patients with Advanced Therapeutic Technologies

Our mission at Competitive Edge is to empower our patients in Tampa, FL, to reach their highest level of health using cutting-edge therapeutic technologies. Educating our patients about the significance of HRV is a key aspect of our holistic approach to wellness. We believe that understanding and improving HRV can lead to better health outcomes, including faster recovery, improved sleep, and effective stress management.

We’ve seen remarkable improvements in our patients’ HRV scores through our systematic approach using the NEUBIE “Master Reset” and PEMF therapies. These therapies not only enhance recovery but also contribute to overall well-being, allowing our patients to lead healthier, more balanced lives.


Reach Optimal Health with Heart Rate Variability Services in Tampa, FL 

At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy in Tampa, we are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions for enhancing health and recovery. Our focus on HRV and the utilization of advanced therapies like the NEUBIE “Master Reset” and PEMF therapy showcase our dedication to pioneering new methods for improving patient outcomes. 

For more information about HRV and our physical therapy approach, visit us at our clinic in Tampa, FL, or contact us directly at 813-849-0150.

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