Helen Keller

Helen Keller

CEP Patient Testimonials

“When I first started working with Brock I was really unable to stay healthy for any amount of time and that changed shortly after. Everyone at CEP provided such incredible care and support and are so easy to work with and I am lucky to call them my friends. Ever since we’ve worked together I have been more healthy than I have been in my career and have not missed any extended amount of time due to the care they provide. They are some of the most knowledgeable people I know and feel so comfortable trusting my body with them. I feel comfortable because you can tell how much each of them love what they are doing and love helping others. I’ve recommended multiple athletes to utilize them and every time they tell me raving things about their experience. The care, knowledge, energy, and effort are unmatched and I am thankful to work with them. ”

“As a physical therapist for the past 26 years who has worked in a variety of settings such as manual therapy clinics, orthopedic clinics, professional and semi professional athletes, pediatrics, home health, and most recently consulting the best practices around the country I was truly surprised when I was exposed to the NEUFIT for the first time. Both my wife (who is also a PT) and myself were experiencing radiculopathies, her from the cervical region and me from the lumbar and cervical when I first met Jason. He Introduced both of us to the NEUFIT and within less than five sessions we were so markedly better that we are able to perform our home exercises and get back to all of our functional activities including working out at the gym, radiculopathy and pain-free. I have been thinking for sometime that there is nothing new under the sun for PT, but I can honestly say there is something that deserves serious consideration if you want to be that cutting edge practice that will stand out in this crowded market based on results.”

“I was referred to Jason by a good physician friend when I inquired about a PT recommendation. With a history of injury to both knees I was interested in exercises to provide better stability. I found myself with only a month and a half before my trip but Jason assured me, he could get me ready. Combining his expertise and the technology of the NEUFIT device, not only did I find increased stability in my knee but was able to enjoy 4 full days on the slopes without fatigue or injury. Thanks Jason!”

“Best physical therapy place around. If you want to get off the couch and become active again, this is the place to go. They combine their NEUFIT technology with more conventional treatment, which makes a combination that I have never experienced before. I had major low back multilevel fusion and was not able to do anything when I first came to Competitive Edge. I am now very active, riding my bike swimming, bending…anything I want to do I feel I am able to do it now. A million thanks to Jason and Daily for making my life active again.“

“Four years ago I tore my ACL and got reconstruction surgery. Recovery was bumpy and three years later I had to get corrective surgery. Afterwards, I started physical therapy again but I wasn’t progressing and started looking for someone else who could help. That’s when I found CEP and they had what I needed to get out of my rut. It was almost an hour away from where I lived but it was worth it! I was able to see the same physical therapist one-on-one every visit and it was great to work with staff who really care. As a former athlete, I loved doing rehab in a gym. They have the coolest equipment and I highly recommend CEP to others. Thanks CEP!!!”

“I’ve been in and out of CEP since I was a senior in high school. Originally I went in there to see Jason who rehabbed my surgically repaired shoulder.  Jason was able to get me healthy in time to finish my senior season at East Lake and helped prepare me to play college football at USF.  Jason and his team provide a great atmosphere at CEP where everyone is there to assist you in returning stronger than ever with whatever you were doing before the injury. The NEUFIT machine is definitely one of my favorites, it help me stay healthy when preparing for my NFL Pro Day.   If you need anything rehabbed or treated, you need to head down to Jason and the gang at CEP.”

“I am a 7x American Ninja Warrior and chose to go to CEP for Physical Therapy after I had a Stem Cell procedure for a tear in the labrum of my left shoulder. Jason and Hap are the best of the best. They can identify restrictions almost instantly in order to expedite the recovery process.  Using NEUFIT technology, I was back to intense training in 3-4 months and I was able to advance further than I ever have all the way to Las Vegas.  My shoulder has never felt better! Thank you CEP!”

“I’ve been coming to Competitive Edge over the years for various injuries. One of the things I most appreciate about CEP over other physical therapists is that they identify a treatment protocol, generally with a short number of sessions, and try to get you back into your exercise or sport as soon as possible. Other physical therapists generally want to see you 3 times per week for 6 weeks which is very time consuming and expensive. For my most recent injury, they used an electrical stimulation (NEUFIT) machine that not only diagnoses the area of injury (which is not always where you feel the pain) but also treats the underlying muscle dysfunction. I’ve been treated by Jason, Stephanie and Daily and the quality of care from all three was outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend CEP!”

“I would like to thank Competitive Edge Performance Physical Therapy for helping me enjoy celebrating my 50th Anniversary train trip across Canada. A year ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy that is untreatable. After working with Ms Daily n Hap for six months using Nu Fit and other Therapy I was able to walk without stumbling or tripping. They also taught me how to easily get up if I fell. NEUFIT is an electrical stimulation of the nerves that fires the muscles. Not only was I adept at walking on a wild train ride across Canada I also finished a 5K walk supporting MDA of Tampa Bay. Members of CEP staff even walked with me to spur me on. I highly recommend them….especially to those of us who want to enjoy the latter years. You guys rock!!”

I started coming to CEP in order to treat my low back pain, which I have had for a few years. After starting to use NEUFIT my pain symptoms quickly started to improve and I was able to enjoy playing golf again. Recently I qualified to play in the US Senior Amateur, which is being held in Eugene, OR. Playing in a USGA event is a bucket list item for me. Thank you to you and your staff for getting me to the point I could obtain a dream.

“Within one month of going to CEP, they have overly exceed my expectations. Due to a car accident, I dealt with limited mobility on the right side of my body and consistent headaches. Both Jason and Daily’s customized plan to my individual needs through the innovated use of manual exercises combined with technology (NEUFIT, DARI, and iMRS) has given the ability to perform more efficiently with my daily regiment (gym, sleeping, decreased headaches, and work performance). Not only can I tell that they are passionate about what they do, they have an amazing team dynamic that makes it a comfortable environment to feel at ease.”

For anyone who has had pain from an injury, whether from a long time  go or just recently, do yourself a favor and go see Jason at Competitive Edge Performance PT. I am a lawyer and represent those injured because of the fault of others. I have seen and heard about many new therapies over the years, and I have even tried most of them. I can testify that Jason and his NEUFIT treatment has done more to alleviate my back pain from golf than any other doctor, massage therapist or stretching regimen that I had tried in the past.

For about 5 years I suffered with back pain that would limit me from playing golf, running or being active with my two young children. When Jason saw me earlier this year and applied the NEUFIT technology to my back pain, I was amazed at how instantly I felt relief from the constant nagging pain on one side of my back. Over a series of treatments for about 7 weeks I achieved long term, lasting relief of my low back pain.

My experience with Jason and the NEUFIT technology has convinced me that for anyone who is injured, Jason should be the first person you call. Jason told me that he believed he could help me and asked me to be patient, even though we had instant success from the first treatment. One of the best parts about the treatment is that I did not have to give up my activities or golf. Jason encouraged me to stay active and I felt myself getting stronger with each treatment and the results of the treatments have not diminished over time.

I know that injuries can affect every part of one’s life and make every little task a challenge. Today I am running around with my kids, playing tennis and playing golf without feeling like I have to be careful of aggravating my back. Being active has helped me at work and has made me a better husband and

I highly recommend Competitive Edge Performance Physical Therapy. I will share my experience with my clients, friends and family members because I want them to live their best lives despite the setbacks that they may face with injuries from trauma, sports or any other reason.


In July 2017 I injured my back when I went on a short 2 mile run. I don’t really understand how such a light exercise affected me so severely but I suffered with extreme pain in my left leg and foot for six months. I tried chiropractic, traditional physical therapy, injections, Stretch Zone and pain killing narcotics. Only the strongest drugs gave me some relief. I strongly dislike using such drugs and their side effects were very unpleasant. I consulted with three spinal surgeons and all prescribed lower back surgery. I am a very active person and being inactive for many months was not going to work for me.

In January 2018 I found NEUFIT in Tampa. I signed up for ten treatments and made the two hour (four hour round-trip) drive from Lake Mary for seven treatments over several weeks after which all of my leg pain went away and all but a mild amount of pain remains in the tip of my foot. I hope to use my three remaining treatments, at some point, to complete my recovery.

Jason and Daily performed the initial evaluation of my condition and began treatments. Before leaving for Tampa the day of each treatment I would email Jason to let him know my current condition and he would have Daily adjust my treatments accordingly. Additionally, Daily gave me a series of exercises to do at home which are unlike any I have done in the past …. and with my history of back issues I have seen a lot of exercises and I hate all of them. Daily’s, however, are great. They are not typical boring slow stretching exercises but instead involve constant movement. I actually did several of them on a daily basis.

I feel strongly that at CEP there is not only the medical knowledge and technology to improve one’s condition but just as important there seems to be a very real and sincere commitment and determination by staff to use that knowledge along with various cutting edge technological tools to resolve the specific physical issues of each individual they are working with. I would strongly encourage anyone with a physical ailment not to delay a visit to consult with Jason and Daily at CEP

Mark Taricano


I came to Jason with significant pain in my shoulder, shoulder blade, triceps, forearm extensors, and wrist. In 5 to 6 treatments (using NEUFIT technology), all pain (except my wrist, which turned out to be structurally based) was gone.” ………

”NEUFIT is a substantial evolution of TENS technology. It does this through electrical stimulation using direct current whose wave form more closely matches that of the body’s circuitry and is far more effective than a TENS unit.”

“NEUFIT separates the one muscle and specific nerve chain more specifically getting it to calm down and effectively work more collectively with the others around it.

Ben Glandon


I would like to give thanks where it’s due. I personally want to thank The Care Coalition (Tony, Hector) and Jason at CEP for helping me over the past few years recovering from my injury.
The Care Coalition provides a much needed voice and advocacy for SOF wounded warriors, and I appreciate all the help in the past. And thanks Jason for continuing to provide me with physical therapy in way that benefits the SOF/ Warrior. I can’t say enough about how much Jason (PT) and Raph’s (S&C coach at 1441) facility has to offer.

Attached is a pic from my 1st triathlon. I didn’t break any records, but given my past injury I consider my race successful. Thanks again all.
I may never break any records, but I believe Bruce Lee said it best, ” Life is a never ending strive for perfection” .

SFC Parnell, Timothy
Nous Defions


Thank you for getting my knee in great shape, keeping me going and getting me right for a big year. Go Bucs!
#17 Arrelious Benn, Wide Receiver, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rejus Benn is making one of the most impressive recoveries from ACL surgery that I’ve ever seen. He will be full go by August! Amazing…”

Drew Rosenhaus, NFL sports agent, via Twitter 6/1/11


Dear Hap, Jason & Competitive Edge Staff:

I wanted to wish you and your staff a very Happy New Year and thank you for keeping my dream alive!
As I’m sure you are aware, I received a verbal commitment from the University of Denver to compete on their 2011 Pioneer Gymnastics Team on Thursday, December 3, 2009. I had been working extremely hard for thirteen years, training to get to the collegiate level in my gymnastics. Unfortunately, during a competition on Friday, December 11, 2009, I tore my ACL and was devastated because I thought my dreams to compete in college would never become a reality.
After my surgery on December 16th, you and your staff were incredible about ensuring I was able to begin working with your wonderful team to get back to my pre-injury condition and competition performance. Everyone was extremely helpful in coordinating with my hectic school and gymnastics schedule. I want to thank you for doing such an incredible job and allowing me to get back to my pre-injury status as quickly as possible.
I know that many people are quick to complain when something happens that they don’t like, but I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help and encouragement!

Please see my pictures attached which shows me signing my National Letter of Intent to attend and complete on the Denver University Gymnastics Team in 2011. I would not have been possible without your help. You are your staff were great and I so much appreciate everything!
I wish you and your staff all the success that you have given to me!

Shannon A. LeBlanc
Spring Hill, FL 34610


Hi, Jason,

With 3 months to prepare for the 2010 Southern Region Oireachtas (an annual Irish Dance Competition), my 15 year daughter tore a ligament in her left ankle while at dance class. Not comprehending the magnitude of the upcoming competition, the pediatric orthopedist would not recommend physical therapy; thus, we were left to our own devices. Six weeks passed by, and my daughter could walk but was unable to dance.

The Oireachtas looked unattainable; however, we were not ready to throw the towel in yet. I went online desperately seeking help and found Competitive Edge. I spoke to Jason, and he understood our dilemma. In 3 weeks, Jason not only got my daughter jumping and leaping on her injured ankle, but he also whipped her into shape. At the 2010 Southern Region Oireachtas, Emily came in 31st place out of 110 fifteen year old female dancers AND qualified for the 2011 North American Irish Dance Championships.




Last Spring my father, Nat Lichter and I came to you with a task we thought to be impossible; enabling my wheelchair-bound, 79 year old father, with congestive heart failure to walk down the aisle at my daughter Jackie’s wedding. We wanted it to be a surprise to her and the rest of our family. With your efforts and encouragement my Dad not only walked down the aisle, he also was able to dance with Jackie, (see the attached pictures). Jason, I wanted to let you know just how much your work is appreciated. I think you can tell by the expression on their faces, you can’t put a price on that happiness.

Craig L.


With only 8 weeks remaining before the start of the Girls Florida State Cup Soccer Playoffs, our daughter tore her left hamstring. Things seemed pretty dismal until we were directed to Competitive Edge. From the very first visit, our spirits were lifted, especially our daughters. The programs at Competitive Edge are designed with the athlete in mind. The goal is to get them back as quickly and as safely as possible by focusing on exercises that are injury and sport specific, yet also help prevent the injury from occurring again. As parents of a child who is serious about competition, Competitive Edge was the absolute best choice for our daughter.

Intermediate Teacher
Brooker Creek Elementary School


As a lifelong couch potato, I had finally mustered the energy and will to get off my bum and train for my first 5K and my first Sprint Triathlon. But just a week after finishing the tri, my IT band started giving me problems and I wasn’t able to run for more than about 4 minutes without serious pain. I was mad. I’d finally found a great cardiovascular activity that I loved and was sticking with, but I thought my running days were finished. I contacted Claudia because I knew she shared a similar passion for running as I, and because I trusted her expertise and opinion.

After a few sessions, I noticed a big difference, and after we finished the whole program, I was nearly 100%. Now, I continue to work on the problem areas she found, to maintain the program she instituted, and to use the tools she taught me. I am signed up for my next Sprint Triathlon and can’t wait to run across the finish line.

Gayle Hill, Lutz, Florida



Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease over 10 years ago, having three shoulder surgeries in seven months and completing 42 radiation treatments for prostate cancer, my husband was down and out. His spirit was gone, he had no energy and was happy to stay home, sleeping most of the time. Finding Competitive Edge proved to be his saving grace. From the first day, Fred has shown excitement and enthusiasm. He looks forward to each visit and with your encouragement, works out in between, using exercises specific to his needs considering his abilities. His balance has improved measurably, he is able to do simple projects at home as well as chip and putt, and we are convinced that he will be playing a round of golf soon. We have even gone to Disney World, where he walked all of Epcot in one day. Competitive Edge is not just for athletes, it is for anyone who wants to have an active and fulfilling life and I thank you for giving my husband back his.

Retired Teacher