Beyond Physical Therapy: Specialized Services to Achieve Optimal Health

Physical therapy does not solely encompass recovery from an injury; instead, it focuses on enabling a person’s body to function at its optimal level and to maintain energy balance within the system as a whole. In the absence of energy balance, individual systems break down and “wear and tear” becomes more prevalent. This can present itself in many forms: chronic fatigue, diffuse pain, difficulty sleeping, low energy levels, mental fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, etc.  Our nervous system serves as the “control center” for each of our body functions, from each organ to every muscle. By optimizing the neurological system, we are able to counteract the negative inputs it receives by everyday stressors and produce lasting changes in how the body functions as a whole. In addition, by promoting function at the cellular level, we can “recharge the batteries” and increase energy stores.

Optimal health is a continuum: if function is impaired at one level, it affects the rest of the body.  CEP has been able to partner with physicians, internal medicine practitioners, nutrition consultants and regenerative medicine specialists in the Tampa community to provide the missing piece to a wellness regimen by use of advanced health technology to maximize the body’s available resources. CEP offers the latest in recovery science and “bio-tech” to expand the scope of physical therapy practice beyond injury rehabilitation into the realm of achieving optimal health and wellness for all clients.

CEP’s advanced modalities harness emerging technology and expand on research designed to improve health at the cellular level. These unique interventions include pulsed electromagnetic field treatment (PEMF), neuro biological electrical stimulation (NEUBIE), and heart rate variability diagnostics (HRV).

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Diagnostics

CEP has integrated heart rate variability (HRV) technology to achieve a baseline of a client’s physical state. This non-invasive, 5 minute procedure paints a picture of the body’s wellness and recovery capacity by gaining feedback from electrical activity of the heart. Through analysis of this critical information, physical therapists can develop individualized plans to improve health status and increase functional capacity during fitness activities. In addition to assessing wellness in the general population, HRV diagnostics has also been utilized to demonstrate positive outcomes of physical therapy interventions in patients recovering from injuries when re-scanned throughout the course of treatment.

NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation

CEP serves as the flagship physical therapy facility incorporating the NEUBIE device into optimal health practice. The NEUBIE is a groundbreaking electrical stimulation device that has been utilized by CEP in the post-injury recovery realm to optimize muscle strength/function and accelerate healing, but also can be utilized to re-establish balance in the nervous system. When HRV diagnostics indicate dominance of the “fight or flight” state, a master reset is performed on the NEUBIE to promote the “rest and digest” state that is critical for the body’s wellness as a whole. In addition, research performed on direct current stimulation intervention demonstrates positive impact to lymph mobilization throughout the body, having a positive impact on the immune system function.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Treatment

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) is utilized in treatment plans by directing pulsed energy waves toward damaged or injured areas of a patient’s body.  Environmental exposure to damaging frequencies (cellular signaling, Wi-Fi, microwaves, etc), stress, and lack of restorative rest translates to a sub-optimal state of wellness. Through PEMF therapy, the cells of the body are “recharged”, making it easier for the body to restore its health status. This modality decreases the nervous system “fight or flight” response, enhances restorative rest capacity, and increases energy stores at the cellular level.

How Can CEP’s Optimal Health Services Help?

When focusing on a health and wellness regimen, clients seek out services across multiple disciplines. While some may need fitness coaching, others benefit from nutritional counseling or regenerative medicine specialties. CEP is equipped to provide an additional link to these services by optimizing the body systems to create a well-balanced whole. Examples of client benefits from CEP’s specialized services include:

  • Increasing immune system capacity
  • Making strength/endurance gains with exercise regimen
  • Improving restorative sleep capacity
  • Enhancing nutritional support for cellular health
  • Restoring balance in nervous system
  • Boosting response of PRP/Stem Cell injections to injured areas
  • Managing pain

CEP has defined itself as the premier physical therapy organization focusing on using state of the art biotechnology to achieve optimal health across the lifespan. Not only utilized for injury recovery, CEP gives all patients access to the most cutting edge and efficient methods available to meet healthcare and wellness goals.


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