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Message From Our CEO

Competitive Edge Performance is a physical therapist-owned practice that was founded on the desire to provide a better patient experience than the standard of care set by traditional clinics.

At CEP, we believe that innovative technology based on science and research is the future of the physical therapy profession. We are leaders in the clinical testing and development of devices and techniques that will help promote the field of physical therapy for the next generation.

We Get To…

At CEP, we get to be the change, inspiring one life at a time, shaping a brighter future for us all. “I get to,” is how our physical therapists always approach each and every PT case.

We take immense pride in our team of dedicated and highly skilled physical therapists who are committed to delivering exceptional patient care. “We get to” prioritize the well-being and recovery of each individual, employing a patient-centric approach that tailors treatment plans to address specific needs. “We get to” utilize advanced techniques, evidence-based practices, and personalized attention, to ensure that patients receive the highest standard of care to promote optimal rehabilitation outcomes.

Physical Therapy

Our mission is to deliver a new standard of care that impacts the health and wellbeing of our patients and our community. Our holistic approach to positive physical therapy outcomes gains its strength from good old-fashioned hard work combined with innovative techniques. As industry and community leaders, we will reward the trust of our past, present and future clients with unrivaled service built upon our foundation of core values. 


Technology & Analytics

NEUBIE (Neuro-Bio-Electrical-stimuation)

Driven by the belief in the power of the human being, NEUFIT exists to help willing individuals activate the potential that is present inside of them.

In order to learn more, visit NeuPT Tech

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Best physical therapy place around. If you want to get off the couch and become active again, this is the place to go. They combine their NEUFIT technology with more conventional treatment, which makes a combination that I have never experienced before. I had major low back multilevel fusion and was not able to do anything when I first came to Competitive Edge. I am now very active, riding my bike swimming, bending…anything I want to do I feel I am able to do it now. A million thanks to Jason and Daily for making my life active again.
    Susan GriffinPatient who had lumbar spinal fusion
    I would like to thank Competitive Edge Performance Physical Therapy for helping me enjoy celebrating my 50th Anniversary train trip across Canada. A year ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy that is untreatable. After working with Ms Daily n Hap for six months using Nu Fit and other Therapy I was able to walk without stumbling or tripping. They also taught me how to easily get up if I fell. NEUFIT is an electrical stimulation of the nerves that fires the muscles. Not only was I adept at walking on a wild train ride across Canada I also finished a 5K walk supporting MDA of Tampa Bay. Members of CEP staff even walked with me to spur me on. I highly recommend them….especially to those of us who want to enjoy the latter years. You guys rock!!

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