CEP’s Core Values and Peak Performance Program

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

The CEP team has identified 12 core values that shape the identity and culture of our team, and these principles represent the essence of what is important to our company and serve as a compass for decision making. Every important decision in our practice, from personnel to patient care, runs through that filter to ensure it aligns with our fundamental beliefs.

PEAK PERFORMERS: 12 Core Values of CEP

Demonstrates enthusiasm and energy. Communicates genuine love for profession and commitment to helping our community.

Takes Pride
Displays deep satisfaction with the success of the team. Promotes the success of the team in the community to help others. Ensures personal responsibilities are met.

Displays kindness and concern for others. Genuine dedication to patient health and well-being. Demonstrates empathy and active listening. Generous with time.

Aware and present in the moment. Thoughtful and considerate, anticipating needs without being
asked. Open minded to better understand self and others

Demonstrates a strong desire and determination to succeed. Encourages and motivates others
to exceed expectations. Pursues challenging personal and professional goals.

Finds alternative solutions to problems with available resources. Independently solves challenges or fully troubleshoots before needing assistance. Adapts to find novel ways to meet challenges

Introduces new ideas or approaches to enhance processes. Actively seek and implement strategies using technology and research to solve challenges

Persists despite encountering obstacles. Maintains positive and optimistic attitude during challenging times. Conducts self professionally at the highest level despite personal circumstances

Makes timely and well-informed decisions. Acts deliberately and with a clear purpose. Plans
actions that align with long term goals.

Selfess (Go Giver)
Demonstrates concern for the needs of others over self. Prioritizes others over personal convenience. Acts with generosity and kindness with no expectation in return.

Carries out or puts into effect a plan or course of action in a timely manner. Responds quickly and efficiently, with attention to detail.

Takes Ownership
Demonstrates accountability for actions and responsibilities. Seeks continuous learning opportunities to enhance performance. Committed to elevating the standard of care.

We will highlight one core value to “Elevate CEP” each month and will award one staff member the Peak Performer designation for exemplary demonstration of that core value, as voted on by their peers.

January’s focus was “Passionate.” To us, this means our staff demonstrates enthusiasm and energy, communicates genuine love for the profession, and demonstrates commitment to helping our community. Congratulations to Brock Labelle for winning our very first Peak Performer Elevate Award for demonstrating this value each and every day at CEP.

Stay tuned for our core value highlight and Peak Performer winners each month!

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