Launch of ‘Get One, Give One, Community Hero’ Program

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

TAMPA, FLORIDA Competitive Edge Physical Therapy is excited to announce the launch of its ‘Get One, Give One, Community Hero’ program in 2024. This pioneering initiative celebrates the spirit of giving in our community, allowing clients to make a profound impact on the lives of others.

When purchasing a physical therapy session, clients can now choose to either gift a session to someone they know or donate it to our community scholarship program. This program is particularly focused on assisting under-insured, uninsured, and underprivileged community members.

Central to this initiative are our ‘Community Heroes’ – compassionate individuals who take action to support the health and wellness of our community. By choosing to give, these heroes demonstrate immense empathy and a commitment to lifting others. This act of kindness is more than a gift of health; it’s a symbol of hope and unity.

We invite everyone to join us in applauding our Community Heroes, whose generosity transcends the physical benefits of therapy. Their contributions are not only vital in supporting the well-being of recipients but are also instrumental in nurturing a more caring and connected community.

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy is dedicated to creating lasting change in Tampa Bay’s health and wellness landscape. The ‘Get One, Give One, Community Hero’ program marks a significant step towards this goal, empowering each client to make a difference, one session at a time.

Learn more here: CEP Community Hero Program

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