About Competitive Edge Physical therapy Westchase Tampa Florida

At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy (CEP), we treat all kinds of patients from Westchase Tampa Florida, with various injuries or physical challenges. Your recovery depends on a total team effort involving you and our well-trained therapists in CEP Physical therapy Westchase Tampa Florida. We are specializing in treatments for patients of all ages. It does not matter for us whether you are a sportsman trying to recover from an acute injury or a senior trying to improve joint and muscle function for daily activities. We (CEP) always will offer you a unique and faster healing method to make your life much more comfortable in physical therapy Westchase Tampa Florida. Our initial treatment is to explain your injury and its healing process. Therefore, you can gain the physical and mental strength to help reduce pain and to help prevent potential complications in the future. We work in partnership with you to set your own achievable goals.

Competitive Edge Performance physical therapy has two facilities located in the Palma Ceia neighborhood and Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa Florida. Our experienced physical therapists in Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Westchase Tampa Florida provide personalized assessments and treatment to all patients in the comfort of their own homes. We are focusing on helping seniors mostly through this way to help them relieve pain and restore strength, balance, and mobility. We have been working with advanced technologies such as Pro-Stretch, PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy), Graston Technique, and Kinesiotape, NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation device and DARI to provide quality treatments in Physical Therapy Westchase Tampa Florida.



What makes CEP specialize in Physical therapy Westchase Tampa Florida?

There are many reasons which make Competitive Edge Performance stand out in Physical therapy Westchase Tampa Florida. Bringing Physical therapy Westchase Tampa Florida into the next generation through science, technology, and innovation has become one of CEP’s main objectives. We started our unique treatments by using Neubie (Neurological Bio-Electric Stimulation) and DARI, the most advanced technology globally, to help athletes transform their motion, recover from injury, and perform at all levels a higher level. NEUBIE device has successfully helped many patients recover from injuries faster and enhance maximum performance.

We have a well-experienced team at Competitive Edge Performance Physical therapy Westchase Tampa Florida. Most of our professionals in CEP team have had the privilege of working with many gifted industry-leading professionals. Many of our physical therapists at Westchase Tampa Florida have experience rehabilitating athletes in all major sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, PGA, and WTA. Our dedicated friendly staff is always maintaining close relationships with patients to help achieve their objectives and provide better care in Physical therapy Westchase Tampa Florida.

We have allocated our physical therapists to have one-on-one consultations with each patient in CEP. From the first visit itself, we will maintain a transparent relationship with the client by explaining the healing process, speeding up recovery, maximizing strength, and performing. At CEP, we strongly believe that there is no greater reward for us than exceeding our patients’ expectations. Our team of highly motivated therapists in Physical therapy Westchase Tampa Florida is working hard to get to the core of our patients’ complications. Therefore, we can provide the most effective treatment method to treat the pain they have been suffering for a long time.



Frequently Asked Questions about Physical therapy Westchase Tampa Florida

  1. How much will physical therapy cost?

Usually, the cost of therapy will vary based on the following facts.

  • Nature of the injury.
  • Results of our initial evaluation.
  • Your personal goals. Ex: If you are a sportsman, how fast you want to get back in the field.

At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Westchase Tampa Florida, we can give you a rough estimate of the cost and length of treatment after you have completed your initial evaluation.

  1. How long will it take for me to recover 100%?

Recovery periods may differ from person to person. After your initial evaluation, we will be reviewing the following factors to determine the length of treatments.

  • For how long you have had the injury before coming to us.
  • The current state of your immune system.
  • Your current emotional state

Based on the factors mentioned above, Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Westchase Tampa Florida will walk you through the treatment plan. For exceptional cases, our professional staff can refer you to a physician or other practitioner who can help you fasten the recovery process.

  1. What should I wear to my appointment?

At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Westchase Tampa Florida, we always recommend our patients to wear loose, comfortable clothing that will not make them uncomfortable during the initial evaluation process. Bring a pair of shorts or sweatpants If you have a low back or knee injury.

  1. How often do I need to visit my physical therapist in CEP?

Your assigned therapist at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Westchase Tampa Florida will decide the number of times you will need to be seen based on your initial evaluation results.

  1. Why should I receive physical therapy treatments from Competitive Edge Physical Therapy Westchase Tampa Florida?  

Restoring everything to normal will be a big challenge for your body. Physical therapy will help your body make a faster recovery and bring you back to your daily routines. Through science, technology, and innovation, the Competitive Edge Physical Performance team has brought miracles to many patients who have given up their hopes. We use the most advanced technologies such as Neubie (Neurological Bio-Electric Stimulation) and DARI to make a revolutionary change in Physical Therapy Westchase Tampa Florida.



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