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Competitive Edge Performance [CEP] physical therapy is a group practice located in Tampa, Florida. We have two facilities located in Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa and the heart of South Tampa in the Palma Ceia neighborhood. Our practice provides professional treatments and created an opportunity to bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and return to sport/athletic Therapy. Our services include physiotherapy, massage therapy, and sports therapy Tampa. We strive to maintain our remarkable reputation in sports therapy Tampa by providing thorough and professional client-focused care to patients of all ages with a partnership based on science and technology.

Our team of staff in Competitive Edge Performance physical therapy is excited to continue our mission of bringing the field of sports therapy Tampa into the next generation through science, technology, and innovation. We have developed specialized techniques such as Pro-Stretch, PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy), Graston Technique, Kinesiotape that have helped many of our patients gain class-leading results in a shorter period of a time. These achievements encouraged us to undertake number of tests and trials using advanced technology. For examples, the NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation device, a proprietary, pulsed, direct-current and electrical stimulation device which has given us opportunities to achieve miracles in the field of c.

We understand the challenges you face when deciding on finding a better place for sports therapy Tampa. Come work with our professionals, and get a treatment customized specifically for you.




Our way of treating patients with Sports Therapy Tampa

We have identified four major areas when treating sports injuries. Treating the mind is the first step of our treatment process. With decades of experience, we understand most of our patients come to us with negative mindsets after injuries. Many of them lost confidence, and the first thing we do is help them get control back of their minds. When they started regaining the trust, it is easy on their minds to send signals to each body parts to heal better and faster. At Competitive Edge Performance, we believe in taking a personal interest in our clients’ health is essential when they reach out to us for assistance through sports therapy Tampa.

Our next step is to help our patients to get energy with good nutrition sources. During this stage, our patients receive one-on-one consultations with a performance nutritionist to create a food plan supporting their nutritional needs as they progress through sports therapy Tampa.

Once we made sure our patients have proper control over their mindsets and going through a nutritious diet, our next step is to help them with their muscles’ movement through sports therapy Tampa. After a severe injury, it is hard to move your body due to soreness. In some cases, you may even need some assistance through equipment’s such as clutches and wheelchairs to get back to the day to day activities. Our trained staff will work beyond their limits to assist you to get back to everyday life.

Helping our patients through recovery is the last step of our treatment process for sports therapy Tampa. In this process, we will request our patients to visit us back after a certain period to monitor their activities and guide them for better and faster healing.



Why do you need to choose Competitive Edge Performance for Sports Therapy Tampa?

  1. We take the whole process personally
    Our professional staff at CEP provides personalized care for a broad range of medical conditions in sports therapy Tampa. Whether a young active athlete looking to get back on the field, a firefighter trying to get back on duty, or an active adult coach wanting to get back to his team after a severe injury, our highly professional staff sets their goals accordingly to each patient’s objectives. To make this process more practical, we have allocated our sports therapists to have one-on-one consultations with each patient. Your first visit always includes an assessment of your condition as well as your first treatment so you can start your recovery right away. There is no greater reward for our staff at CEP than exceeding the expectations of our patients.
  2. We are equipped with two world-class facilities.
    We have two world-class facilities in Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa and Palma Ceia neighborhood in South Tampa. Our common goal is to bring sports therapy Tampa into the next generation through science, technology, and innovation. We already started using Neubie (Neurological Bio-Electric Stimulation) and DARI, the most advanced technology globally, to help athletes at all levels transform their motion, recover from injury, and perform at a higher level with sports therapy Tampa. For instance, the NEUBIE device has successfully helped athletes recover from injury faster and can enhance sports performance gains for healthy individuals without ever touching a weight.
  3. We have a well-experienced team at CEP
    Most of our therapists have had the privilege of working with many gifted athletes at various levels. They have rehabilitated athletes in all major sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, PGA, and WTA. Their top priority in sports therapy Tampa is to help an athlete recover back to the top of their game after an injury. Our physical therapists and performance specialists work shoulder to shoulder to ensure that recovery and training work simultaneously to strengthen the entire body structure.
  4. We help our patients to prevent future injuries
    At Competitive Edge Performance, our goal is not only to treat injuries with Sports Therapy Tampa. We make sure our patients will not get injured again in the same ways they got. Sports injuries are mostly happening due to inadequate training methods, structural abnormalities, weakness in muscles, and unsafe exercising environments. We have one-on-one therapy sessions with each client even after they left after recoveries to make sure they practice good health habits.



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