Technology-Focused Physical Therapy for Military Service Members in Tampa

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

Summer is the time of year that many military personnel are transferred to new posts, like the local MacDill Airforce Base and the Clearwater Coast Guard Station. Amidst the whirlwind of settling into new environments, many service members are also setting up new medical care providers, including physical therapy services.

At Competitive Edge Performance (CEP), a next-gen physical therapy provider in Tampa, the same elite training and rehabilitation programs used by professional athletes are now readily available to all active duty and retired military personnel right here in the Tampa Bay region.

For years, CEP has partnered with military, first responders, professional athletes and more to transform physical therapy and empower our community through tech-forward approaches to recovery.

A Shared Commitment to Athletes and Military Personnel

Physical training is fundamental to both professional athletes and military service members alike. Each of these careers requires a high-level of demand on the body and sustaining an injury can put them out of duty for weeks, if not months.

Jason Waz, founder of CEP and NeuPTtech, understands injury rehabilitation and athleticrecovery. He’s worked as a physical therapist for 27 years, in large part with high-profile athletes and military personnel stationed at MacDill Air Force Base.

Waz commented on CEP’s simple philosophy, “We want to provide the same level of service and attention to our military as the most renowned sports teams receive.”

CEP is committed to serving those who selflessly serve others. At his physical therapy clinic in Tampa, he has not only helped train the staff at his clinic, but also educates thousands of other physical therapists through his separate PT technology company, NeuPTtech, which helps thousands of physical therapists all over the nation introduce cutting-edge technology to their clinics to deliver faster, better outcomes for patients.

Empowering Recovery Through Revolutionary PT Technologies

CEP, along with NeuPTtech, lead the way in researching, testing and implementing physical therapy technology for advanced programs and outcomes. Here are a couple examples of popular devices that are currently being used to treat patients, from pro athletes to our dedicated service members:

Regenerating Muscles Using New, Next-Gen E-Stim Devices

Among the groundbreaking innovations that CEP offers is the NEUBIE system. This device uses the power of neuromuscular electrical stimulation to expedite muscle recovery and improve strength gains. By delivering electrical signals to targeted muscles, the NEUBIE works on stimulating the nervous system to enable muscles to contract and engage in a way that
mimics natural movement patterns.

The NEUBIE not only accelerates muscle recovery after an injury, it also re-trains how the brain engages muscles. For example, if you have trouble contracting your chest muscles during a pushup, the NEUBIE can help the brain stimulate a chest muscle contraction so you can train more effectively.

From the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, many professional athletes use the NEUBIE to recover, return to play and sustain peak performance. By leveraging the NEUBIE’s neuromuscular re-education technique, physical therapists at CEP are helping Military professionals achieve similar results in athletic recovery.

Combat Fatigue and Stress with Heart Rate Variability Assessments

In addition to the NEUBIE system, CEP and NeuPTtech integrate Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring into their treatment approach. HRV monitoring is a non-invasive technique that assesses the subtle variations in between your heartbeats. Research from the Manual Therapy, Posturology and Rehabilitation Journal has shown that HRV is a powerful indicator of your overall health and response to stress.

Low HRV is often associated with heightened states of stress, fatigue and longer recovery times. On the other hand, high HRV is indicative of a well-functioning nervous system, reflecting a state of relaxation, readiness and faster recovery times.

By analyzing HRV patterns, therapists at CEP can gain valuable insights into an individuals’ readiness for rehabilitation. They can identify if the individual is experiencing excessive stress, fatigue and analyze how their body is responding to recovery.

While professional athletes and the biohacking community have been using HRV for many years, the integration of HRV monitoring in physical therapy is relatively new. However, there are numerous studies that have demonstrated the association between HRV and optimal health. By leveraging HRV as a valuable assessment tool, CEP and NeuPTtech are at the forefront of utilizing evidence-based practices in physical therapy.

Evolving Physical Therapy and Upleveling Outcomes

These advanced technologies, previously exclusive to professional athletes, are now accessible to military service members, ensuring faster and stronger recoveries. Here’s what you can expect as a result after just one session at CEP, as told by a service member from MacDill Air Force base, “The treatment I received was a game changer. I thought for sure I would need surgery on my shoulder, but after my treatment with CEP, I was back to pain-free movement. I’ve visited several physical therapy offices during my tenure in the military, and CEP is by far the best.”

CEP is not just military personnel, either. Many Tampa locals flock to CEP for their knowledgeable experience and efficient care. One patient commented on their recent experience at CEP saying,“You guys are the best! I think your overall best attribute is that you listen to the patient and then try to figure out what is the best treatment for the desired outcome.”

The Epicenter of Physical Therapy Innovation

CEP and NeuPTtech stand at the forefront of physical therapy innovation, spearheading advancements that improve patient outcomes. By harnessing state-of-the-art technologies, CEP has become an epicenter of innovation in the field.

Now, the extraordinary expertise and tools that fuel professional sports teams’ success are available to anyone thanks to CEP and NeuPTtech.

As military service members embark on their new posts this summer, they deserve nothing short of the highest level of care. Thanks to the pioneering collaboration between CEP and NeuPtTech, the gap between professional athletes and military personnel in terms of physical therapy expertise is being bridged. By harnessing advanced technologies and a commitment to exceptional patient care, CEP is transforming the lives of those who serve.


If you are a military service member with the Coast Guard in St. Pete or Clearwater and have questions about how to get referred to CEP or wish to tour the facility, contact us at (813) 849-0150 or visit to request an appointment. Get ready to discover the power of physical therapy innovation and join the elite ranks of those who experience the extraordinary at Competitive Edge Performance.

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