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In the world of physical therapy, staying on the cutting edge of technology and treatment modalities is essential for delivering the best care to patients. Here at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy (CEP), located in Tampa, FL., we are dedicated to providing top-notch services to help individuals recover from injuries and improve their quality of life. One of the latest innovations we’ve embraced is Winback Therapy, a revolutionary approach that has taken the world of physical therapy by storm.

What is Winback Therapy?

Winback is our advanced treatment course for frozen shoulder relief as well as other injuries. The non-invasive, high-frequency TECAR therapy targets different layers of tissue to activate your body’s self- repair system. Winback can release muscle tension, break up scar tissue, improve mobility and more.

Key Benefits of Winback Therapy

Winback offers efficient physical therapy for frozen shoulder patients in three ways:

1: Pain Relief

Winback can offer immediate and sustained pain relief by saturating the nerve cell endings (nociceptors) in the shoulder joint. The advanced method can restore blood flow, reduce muscle tension and eliminate inflammation to provide critical pain relief.

2: Muscle Tension Release

By increasing blood flow and muscular temperature, Winback can stimulate tension release. During the freezing and frozen stages, muscle tension in the shoulder joint is at its highest. Our advanced remedy can target deep, previously unresponsive layers to help you reach the thawing stage.

3: Cellular Repair

Your muscles should exchange toxins and waste for oxygen and healthy nutrients through cellular exchanges. Winback can stimulate intra- and extracellular exchanges to improve muscular recovery rates and boost metabolism.

Why Choose Competitive Edge Physical Therapy for Winback Therapy?

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy is committed to providing the highest level of care to its patients. Our team of skilled and experienced therapists has undergone specialized training in Winback Therapy, ensuring that we can deliver this cutting-edge treatment with precision and expertise.

Additionally, CEP understands the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. This commitment to excellence has led us to invest in the Winback Tecar Therapy device, making us one of the leading providers of Winback Therapy in Tampa.

Treating Frozen Shoulder with Winback

If you have, or previously had, a frozen shoulder, you’ve likely already tried numerous treatments to resolve your shoulder pain with minimal results. Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that causes limited range of motion, stiffness and inflammation in the shoulder joint. Symptoms typically progress slowly, requiring individualized treatments for each patient.

At CEP, we offer cutting-edge frozen shoulder treatment to help you regain flexibility and reduce pain in as little as one session. We have years of experience sharpening our tech-forward solution to efficient recovery. If you suffer from shoulder pain, CEP is the right place.

Targeting Your Shoulder Pain

Frozen shoulder is a frustrating, inflammatory condition that can last for years. It occurs when the capsule of connective tissue encapsulating your shoulder joint thickens and tightens after long periods of restricted movement. You may experience a progression with the condition that happens in stages, including the following:

The Freezing Stage

During the freezing stage, you’ll notice pain when you move your arm or shoulder. Stiffness and mobility will continue to worsen over time. This stage can last as long as nine months. If you are experiencing any symptoms of pain, immobility or weakness in your shoulder at this time, it’s important to get treated.

The Frozen Stage

When you’ve reached the frozen stage, your pain level may reduce, though your mobility will worsen. Regular tasks, like lifting a jug of milk, can feel impossible. The frozen stage can last around a year without any intervention.

The Thawing Stage

With proper treatment, you can reach the thawing stage, where you regain mobility and experience reduced pain. Thawing can take time, depending on the severity of your condition.

To properly target and treat your shoulder pain, we assess your current stage and the cause behind your frozen shoulder. Our team at Competitive Edge Performance (CEP) uses highly personalized and advanced treatment methods to help you regain your quality of life as soon as possible.

If you’re struggling with shoulder stiffness, pain or inflammation, you no longer need to suffer. At CEP, we use an innovative approach to physical therapy, tailoring each patient’s treatment plan to their level.

Get relief for frozen shoulders right here in Tampa Bay at Competitive Edge Performance by calling our team at (813) 849-0150 to schedule an appointment online at https://goceppro.com/.

Winback Treatment Results on Real Patients

Achieving zero pain and full mobility may sound too good to be true if you’ve been living with a frozen shoulder for months. With our advanced Winback treatment, you can regain your normal life. To put this claim to the test, we compared the Winback treatment to traditional methods on real patients to see the difference.

In the clinical study, we measured the degree of flexion, pain level and external rotation in patients receiving and not receiving the Winback treatment. Physical therapists administered any treatments they deemed appropriate for the patients, including Winback, during one session and one session without it.

When patients received Winback, they enjoyed a greater gain in their maximum joint extension than during their treatment session without it. Amplitude increased by an average of 24.3% during Winback sessions, compared to just 16.3% during non-Winback sessions.

The study concluded that our advanced treatment provides immediate and accelerated treatment results to patients with frozen shoulders.

Contact CEP for Technology-Focused PT

In the world of physical therapy, innovation is key to achieving better patient outcomes. Competitive Edge Physical Therapy has embraced the latest technology, Winback Therapy, to provide its patients with a revolutionary treatment option that offers pain relief, faster recovery, improved range of motion, and a non-invasive approach.

If you’re in the Tampa area and seeking a physical therapy practice that combines experience, expertise, and cutting-edge technology, look no further than Competitive Edge Physical Therapy. Our dedication to delivering top-notch care, including Winback Therapy, makes us the ideal choice for your rehabilitation and wellness needs.

Experience the difference of Winback Therapy at Competitive Edge Physical Therapy and take a step towards a pain-free, healthier future. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and start your journey to a stronger, more mobile you.

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