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Looking for ways to increase your healthspan and decrease the effects of aging? Innovative technology for muscle conditioning with CEP is the answer!

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The graying baby boomer generation is not only reshaping the face of senior communities, but it’s also putting a spotlight on geriatric health and rehabilitation.

As this generation continues to age, the focus on maintaining physical strength and functionality is growing in importance. While exercise remains a go-to remedy for muscle weakening, not all aging individuals can benefit from traditional methods of strength and conditioning. This is where the NEUBIE (Neuro-Bio-Electric) stimulator can offer an alternative, effective solution.

The Current Challenge in Rehabilitation

As we all know, muscle strength naturally declines as you age. While exercise seems like an obvious remedy, many aging individuals find it challenging due to limited mobility, pain and other health complications.

The challenge for healthcare providers is to find a rehabilitation solution that stimulates muscle recovery and strength without exacerbating pain or risking further injury. Essentially, providers must offer low-impact exercises targeting key muscle groups while preserving the integrity of everything else.

Unlocking the Secret Behind Muscle Weakness in Seniors

Recent research explored the underlying reasons behind muscle weakness in aging patients. Surprisingly, the issue isn’t just with the muscle’s structural integrity. A study involving 66 adults in their 70s utilized electrical stimulation to gauge muscle engagement. The results were enlightening: if a muscle generated more force post-stimulation, the lack of strength wasn’t due to the muscles inherent condition but to other factors, possibly the nervous system.

Research Backing New E-Stim Technology to Increase Healthspan

In recent years, the potential of the NEUBIE device has garnered significant attention from researchers and clinicians alike. A groundbreaking study conducted by the University of South Florida underscored its transformative capabilities. The findings of this study suggest that muscle growth isn’t solely dependent on exercise intensity, rather on adequate muscle activation and fatigue.

This means that patients no longer have to be constrained by traditional high-load exercises. They can achieve maximal muscle growth using e-stim devices like the NEUBIE. Especially for geriatric patients, the NEUBIE promises effective muscle training without the risk to ligaments, tendons and joints.

Overwhelming research supports the effectiveness of e-stim technology in improving muscular strength and function. Across clinical research studies, e-stim devices successfully improved muscular strength by 1% and muscular function by 10% to 15% after five to six weeks of Treatment.

In a four-month study spread over 48 sessions on patients over the age of 75, electromyostimulation (EMS) increased the rectus femoris cross-sectional area (the muscles that flex the knee and the hip joint) by an average of 30%. The study found that EMS improved anabolic pathways (energy generation) while preventing the breakdown of cells.

All studies tend to conclude that e-stim therapy is effective and safe for human patients. In particular, the NEUBIE stands out in the domain of e-stim with its innovative approach. Not only does it automatically adjust to a patient’s needs, but it also offers a superior level of precision, making it even more effective than other e-stim devices currently available on the market.

The NEUBIE’s Relationship to Lifespan and Healthspan

In our quest for longevity and a vibrant life, we often overlook the critical relationship between muscle strength, overall health and the aging process. While many of us yearn for extended lifespans, the true value lies in prolonging our “healthspan” — the years we can actively enjoy without debilitating health constraints.

The innovative NEUBIE device promises a breakthrough in this realm, providing a holistic approach to age-related muscle decline and its wider implications on our life’s quality and duration.

Dr. Eric Crall, a leading physician in the Tampa Bay Area who runs a longevity center focused on healthy aging in Tampa, FL, offers insight on this: “Longevity science is rapidly evolving to identify the metrics that predict lifespan, and at the top of the list are optimal metabolic health and lean body mass/functional strength. Our understanding of muscle, not only for its importance in structural support of our skeleton and mobility and prevention of injury, but also as the largest reservoir for glucose in our body influencing when we experience the onset of poor metabolic health are key advancements in the area of healthy aging.” Not only does functional muscle strength improve our lifespan, but studies suggest that it can also improve our healthspan.

Dr. Crall cites recent research behind the NEUBIE as promising for the aging population, “The studies referenced represent important advancements in our understanding that it is not just using our muscles, but e-stimulating them selectively as the NEUBIE can do, that prevents atrophy and can also maintain the metabolic activity of the muscle.” Maintaining muscular strength with age can be achieved through the NEUBIE, even when confronted with injuries or other health complications.

The NEUBIE: A Technological Advantage For Muscular Health and Aging

The NEUBIE device offers a solution by focusing on the neuromuscular system. Through its advanced e-stim technology, the device stimulates muscles, increasing blood circulation, preventing muscle atrophy and relieving chronic pain. Most importantly, it addresses the root cause of muscle deterioration, allowing aging patients to rebuild strength without causing further stress or harm.

As healthcare evolves, devices like the NEUBIE bring hope to seniors seeking a healthy and active lifestyle. By targeting the neuromuscular system, the device ensures that individuals don’t just live longer, but they live better.

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