The Future of Physical Therapy is Right Here, Right Now

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

What does the physical therapy office of tomorrow look like? Well, CEP is proud to represent our vision for the future of physical therapy clinics with the opening of our new, state-of-the-art facility. This is a blend of traditional values, hard work and patient care mixed with the latest in innovative physical therapy technology and research. Our flagship facility is the carefully curated product of 15 years industry experience coupled with a desire to evolve the standard of care in physical therapy practice.

New Physical Therapy Clinic in Westchase

Over the last 15 years, CEP founder Jason Waz and the team at CEP has studied, tested and adopted emerging technology toward the goal of providing the best outcomes for patients while promoting the field of physical therapy for the next generation. The new CEP clinic is a testament to the mission of evolving physical therapy to encompass the best practices in all aspects of physical therapy service: injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, optimal health, wellness, and promotion of lifelong movement for our patient population. CEP has continued to adapt and grow based on the promise of providing next generation therapy to its patients.

Throughout the years, the team at CEP has let science and research steer the direction of our clinics and the specialized interventions we offer, as the future of the physical therapy profession has evolved considerably in the past 20 years. We pride ourselves in being leaders in the clinical testing and development of physical therapy devices and techniques that will help provide the best outcomes for patients. This mission and vision has been shaped by our experience operating in world class sports performance facilities that focus on research and development of athletes. As we reviewed what was working and what wasn’t – we started mapping out what can translate well into the physical therapy arena. Today, we are proud to welcome our patients to the culmination of this research and development— the “blueprint” for the future of physical therapy practices nationwide.

What Technology is Utilized in the Physical Therapy Practice of the Future?


CEP’s arsenal of technology is anchored by the use of NEUBIE pulsed direct current treatment, which has been unparalleled in addressing long-standing dysfunctions and decreasing chronic pain among our patient population. By impacting the body at the neurological level, we can change the inputs the body is receiving regarding pain and muscle function, thereby “correcting” the dysfunctional patterns that lead to chronic injury. Our patients have experienced phenomenal success with this technology, and we are thankful to have positively impacted the quality of life for hundreds of patients over the years.


Our clinic now offers the best in pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology, powered by Pulse Centers. This device directs pulsed energy waves toward damaged or injured areas of a patient’s body.  Environmental exposure to damaging frequencies (cellular signaling, Wi-Fi, microwaves, etc), stress, and lack of restorative rest translates to a sub-optimal state of wellness. Through PEMF therapy, the cells of the body are “recharged”, making it easier for the body to restore its health status. This modality decreases the nervous system “fight or flight” response, enhances restorative rest capacity, and increases energy stores at the cellular level.


CEP has integrated heart rate variability (HRV) technology to achieve a baseline of a client’s physical state. This non-invasive, 5 minute procedure paints a picture of the body’s wellness and recovery capacity by gaining feedback from electrical activity of the heart. Through analysis of this critical information, physical therapists can develop individualized plans to improve health status and increase functional capacity during fitness activities. In addition to assessing wellness in the general population, HRV diagnostics has also been utilized to demonstrate positive outcomes of physical therapy interventions in patients recovering from injuries when re-scanned throughout the course of treatment.

ActivePure Beyond

In addition to our treatment-centered technology, our facility has considered every detail regarding patient comfort, satisfaction and safety. We have invested in the best environmental technology on the market for our clinics, utilizing the ActivePure Beyond air purification system to kill contaminants on both hard surfaces and in the air. The ActivePure technology is advancement on HEPA filtration, as air does not need to pass through a filter to be cleaned and microbes eliminated. Instead, it uses an ionization process to modify the hydrogen particles in the air to destroy up to 99.9% of contaminants in the air and on hard surfaces. Most importantly, independent laboratory testing indicates the same 99.9% effectiveness on live SARS-CoV-2 virus, providing peace of mind during the current pandemic climate. We have installed the Beyond technology in our clinics to assure a safe clinic experience for our patients.

By utilizing innovation and technology to deliver positive patient outcomes, CEP has brought the vision of the future to life at our newest facility. Our goal is to promote a happier, healthier community that is not hindered by illness or pain, and our flagship location increases our ability to fulfill this mission. The coupling of innovative treatment approaches with our established core values enables CEP to expand our reach and serve as a futuristic model for physical therapy practices across the country.

Current circumstances prohibit us from having a grand opening event at this time, but we will when it is feasible. However, if you would like a VIP tour of our new facility which will include a trial of any of our new technology, please contact Jason at We can’t wait to welcome you to our new facility, located at 13817 W Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL 33635!


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